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Padang 13 April 2016 - Chief of the Indonesian Navy, Admiral Ade Supandi, S.E., M.A.P., start up international symposium that is called Western Pasific Naval Symposium (WPNS), Wednesday (13/14) in Inna Muara hotel, Padang, West Sumatera. WPNS is one of important forum to realize maritime partnership for stability in Western Pacific Region that consist of 27 countries  and conduct continually since 1988. 

Indonesian Navy proudly conduct 15th Western Pasific Naval Symposium 2016 for the first time since establish on 37 years ago and will execute for two days by theme “Maritime Patnership For Stability In Western Pasific Region”. Parallelly, it also conduct maritime expo and break opened by Chief of the Indonesian Navy, Admiral Ade Supandi, S.E., M.A.P. 

The goal of this event is to elevate collaboration and uptitude on navy’s operation for mutual trust through discussion regarding on maritime issues for common interest, information exchange, training and  personnel reciprocation.

On this precious occasion, Chief of the Indonesian Navy, Admiral Ade Supandi, S.E., M.A.P., appointed as Chairman 15th WPNS and has a duty to officiate symposium and provide decision based on Minutes WPNS Workshop 2016.

Through this WPNS forum, we expected Indonesian Navy could  demonstrating an active role in carrying out military diplomacy in order to respond to the development of maritime security in the western region of the Pacific. And also support of world maritime policy as the application of Indonesian foreign policy.

Indonesian Navy continue to implement the strategy of maritime diplomacy in order to realize maritime defense through cooperation and partnership forum between the Navies in the Western Pacific region. And then the upcoming 16th WPNS 2018 will establish in Busan, South Korea,” Chief of the Indonesian Navy said.